Where to stay when in Halmstad
Halmstad has a wide range of central hotels, charming boarding houses, private cottages, hostels and bed & breakfasts.
Have a look at what type of accommodation that suits you and browse among the different options HERE or have a look at what accommodation is vacant during LIEBHERR World Table Tennis Championships 2018.

We also have a selection of privately owned houses and cottages for rent to suit different tastes and budgets.
The properties are advertised by the owner directly and can be rented for a shorter or longer period of time.
Please note that you can change the dates and number of visitors according to your wishes. The pre search is set to two adults and the dates 28 April – 7 May.

Groups or Clubs
If you are a club or a group with no less than 10 persons looking for accommodation, we have made some reservations at some local hotels and hostels. Please note that a limited number of rooms are available and subject to space availability. We also apply “first come, first served”. Some of our options are situated outside Halmstad, with a driving distance of 20-30 minutes. 
Please contact Mrs. Lena Thimon, Project Coordinator, for more information.