The 2018 WTTC Halmstad organisation is continuing to grow in strength and stature. Joining the current crew of four full time employees working out of the head office in Halmstad, is the well-known regional profile and event manager Niclas Wilhelmsson. The forty-eight year-old Wilhelmsson, is engaged through his company NW Event, to boost regional sponsorship and to manage an extensive partnership activation plan recently put in play by the WTTC 2018 organizers.

– We have been looking around for a while to find a person with a documented capacity connected to sponsorship, sales and activation. I think we found the right deal at the right time. Niclas is well known in the region and has successfully been able to build his company to manage small to medium sized events, alongside with showing a creative approach to sponsorship. Not to forget, he is also steeped in sports all the way from an active career at the highest level in floorball to successfully managing a number of projects related to sports, said the WTTC 2018 Project Manager Johnny Ewerstein.

The contract with NW Event covers a number of sales targets and is valid the full nine-month period leading up to and including the World Table Tennis Championships in Halmstad scheduled 29 April to 6 May 2018.