April 11-21, 1967, Sweden hosted the World Championships for the fourth time. The competitions gave Sweden the first gold meal. It was Hans Alsér and Kjell Johansson who won the Men’s Doubles.
Japan’s six titles out of a maximum seven at the 1967 World Championships were impressive, but it was the seventh one that brought most joy to the Swedish crowd on the last day at Johanneshov’s ice stadium.
Because the Men’s Doubles outfit Hans Alsér/Kjell Johansson won Sweden’s first ever World Championship gold medal, when Russian duo Anatolij Amelin/Stanislav Gomozkov were defeated in a thriller: 22-20 in the fifth game after being down twice, 10-15 and 16-19.
Without anyone really understanding how, the score was suddenly 15-15.
3 000 spectators on the stands came to life, carrying the Swedish duo, at least until the scores were levelled. And yet, 16-19 down.
At this stage, however, the Russians were the ones who trembled.
At 20-19, the Swedes had their first match point. The Russians levelled the score.
Stanislav Gomozkov missed, new advantage for Sweden, and the win was secured when Anatolij Amelin hit the ball too far.
During the initial Men’s Teams event, the Swedish men’s team made it to the semi-final.
The singles titles were claimed by Nobuhiko Hasegawa and Sachiko Morisawa, in the women’s doubles finals Shaeko Hirota/Sachiko Morisawa proved the best, and in mixed the gold medal went to Nobuhiko Hasegawa/Noriko Yamanaka.
That China sent a telegram a few months before the World Championships, notifying that they would not participate, was a great disappointment. Another disappointment was that there wasn’t any TV-broadcast from the competition – the Swedish TTA and Swedish Television couldn’t strike a deal.