The very first World Table Tennis Championships was held in London and started on December 6th 1926. In fact the original idea was to stage a European Championships, which also was indicated on the front page of the official souvenir program.
However, at the last moment the International Table Tennis Federation decided to proclaim the event as a World Championships as eight players from India had entered the tournament. A total number of seven national teams participated. In the individual event 64 players participated in men´s singles and 14 in the women´s singles.
Sweden had just one player in the men´s singles. His name was Henrik Ander and he did not reach any greater success and lost in the first round. In men´s doubles he played together with a danish player named Krölle Jörgensen and they managed to win one match but lost in the second round. He also won one match in the consolation tournament. But, there was a lot of drama when Henrik Ander disappeared after the landing in Tilbury and he did not appear to the great reception where all nations were represented. That meant everyone was present except the only participating Swedish player.

During these championships, Sweden made greater success at the negotiating table. The first chairman of the Swedish Table Tennis Association, Carl Linde, was elected as one out of five vice Chairmen in the International Table Tennis Federation. He was a good negotiater and managed to convince the congress to allocate the next World Championships to Sweden. The decision was unanimous. At first, these Championships should be held in 1927, but later they changed it to the beginning of 1928.
And since then the World Table Tennis Championships has been held in the first half of the year, except for two times. On January 25, 1928, the doors were opened to Cirkus in Stockholm, the second world championships in table tennis ever to be held. Today it is 144 days left until the LIEBHERR World Table Tennis Championships in Halmstad, Sweden, starts.