During the World Championships there are many different kind och meetings and conferences.

The NETU conference contains the nordic European countries and is focused on matters for the ETTU and ITTF conferences. Sweden is chairman of NETU and this years conference had a record number of participants with 17 persons representing nine different countries.

Many things were discussed and one of the most important things were the calender for the upcoming NETU-events. Many countries express a will and desire to arrange international tournaments which shows a very positive attitude torwards the internationally table tennis community.

2018 NETU Veterans Championships, 7-9 th of september, Uppsala, Sweden
2020 NETU Veterans Championships, Latvia
2018 NETU Championships, Estonia, 25-27th of may, Haapsalu, Estonia (NETU congress 26th of 2018)

2019 NETU Youth Championships, Estonia
2020 NETU Championships, Lithuania
2021 NETU Youth Chapionships, Iceland (wish)
2022 NETU Championships, Estonia (wish)

Nations attending:
Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Litaunia, Iceland, Faroe Islands