With 100.000 inhabitants, Halmstad is the smallest city to host the world championships in the history of table tennis. Looking back on the success in May, we can only conclude that Halmstad is a small town, capable of anything.

With the championship all summed up and evaluated, it cannot be described as anything but a success. Satisfied visitors and proud residents gave the event high ratings. 291 million viewers followed the event on television – a record for any table tennis championship. More than 2.800 articles about the championships were published in Swedish media. The impact on social media was fantastic as well. The championships did not only contribute to local businesses, but it also resulted in persistent effects in the region due to the project Ping Pong Power.

Please contact us if you wish to see our evaluation or have any questions regarding the event.

Once again, when proudly looking back on the success we all contributed to, we could only express our deepest thanks to everyone involved.

Johnny Ewerstein, Project manager
E-mail: johnny.ewerstein@halmstad.se

2018 World Team Championships on the official ITTF YouTube-channel

2018 World Team Championships Host City Evaluation Report