Another week in life has gone by. For us, the WTTC 2018 organisation, it has been a very, very memorable one. Most of us are, quite naturally, feeling a bit empty right now to be honest. But, at the same time, extremely grateful to have been part of an adventure that we will cherish deep in hearts. We gave you the best we had and we truly hope that you all enjoyed your stay here in Halmstad, the true gem of the Swedish west coast.

From our organisation we want to express our deepest thank you.
Thanks to the ITTF for trusting us to host such a huge event like the World Championships. And for believing in us and letting us put the ”Next Level” touch to it.
Thanks to the Swedish Table Tennis Association for being such a fabulous organising partner. You have contributed with great skills and experience which really made a difference.
We are also extremely grateful for all our fantastic partners who are an immense part of this success.
The venue staff with commander in chief, Kent Johansson, has also been a solid ground for us to lean on. You guys truly rock.

It has been said before many times but its worth repeating; No event will ever be successful without its volunteers. Here in Halmstad they have been our engine and the glue that has helped us put all the pieces in the right place. You have all been part of an extraordinary experience and you took on your tasks in the best possible way – Next Level – from start to finish. Always willing to help. Always with a smile on your face. Thank you, we owe you everything.

Even though we are in the need of some well deserved rest we would love to have you all here again soon. And who knows, there might be another table tennis event lurking around the corner…

Many thanks,
WTTC 2018 Staff