90 years ago, January 25th to 29th in 1928, the doors opened up for the second World Table Tennis Championships in history. The first World Championships was arranged in London in December 1926. During Championships, the International Table Tennis Association was established, the cups were adopted and the board was elected. Mr. Ivor Montagu, England, was elected as president and Mr. Carl Vilhelm Linde from Sweden was elected as one out of nine vice-chairmen. Mr. Linde was also the Swedish Table Tennis Association’s first chairman.

The main reason Sweden was awarded the World Championships in 1928 was Carl Vilhelm Linde’s good negotiating ability.
Representatives of ten associations participated in the World Championships in 1928. The competition was played in two different venues, the famous “Cirkus” was the main venue. Hungary dominated to the same extent as they did in London at the first World Championships.

The most strange thing that occurred was in the women’s doubles. Six couples came to play. The Swedish duo Lisa Löfdahl and Magryl Brandt didn’t play in the first round. In the semifinal, Gubbins and Sommerville from Wales was their opponents. But they had to wait in vain. The Swedish couple did not show up. The question that is still unanswered is whether it can really be considered a bronze medal because they did not play any match. Now we are looking forward to the LIEBHERR 2018 World Table Tennis Championships and to reach semifinal and the podium the players need to be prepared to play many matches.