Åsa Carlsson (born Svensson)

Born: 1971-02-11 (46 years old)
International matches: 159 (1987-2002)
Biggest successes
European Championships bronze medalist in teams 2002; European Championships bronze medalist in doubles
1998 (together with Pernilla Andersson, then Pettersson) and 2000 (together with Marie Svensson); 16-time Swedish Championships gold medalist.
The most succesful female player from host club Halmstad BTK
Åsa Carlsson, maiden name Svensson, is the greatest female player to have come from Halmstad BTK, the local club co-hosting the Team World Championships in Halmstad 2018. During her career, her surname was Svensson, but nowadays her taken name is Carlsson after her marriage to Ulf “Tickan” Carlsson, former player and now coach in Halmstad BTK and the Swedish National Team.
Åsa was a major talent already at a young age and joined the junior national team very early, participating in several European youth championships.
When she’d left the junior years behind her, Åsa participated in eight world championships and seven European Championships. Her greatest championship success came during her last international appearance when Sweden clinched the bronze medal in the Team Event at the 2002 European Championships.
Åsa Carlsson, together with Marie Svensson and Pernilla Andersson (then Pettersson), was part of the dominant trio of Swedish table tennis throughout the 90’s, constituting the foundation of the national team.
During her career, she reached her highest ranking in Europe in December 1995, peaking at number seven. Her greatest victory came against the greatest female player of all time (and eight year world number one!), Deng Yaping. In 1991, she made it to the semifinal at the Swedish Open, which is the last time that a Swedish female player made it to the podium. 
Her first national championship medal came in 1987, when she claimed bronze in the women’s singles. She went on to claim numerous silver medals until finally raising the trophy in 1998.
Åsa has always remained faithful to her original club Halmstad BTK. The only other clubs she has played for have been professional clubs in Germany, Spain and Japan.


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February 26, 2018