Nomin Baasan

Born: 2004-07-27
Current club: Eslövs AI
First club: Vetlanda BTK
Playing hand/style: Right-handed, shakehand, offensive
Equipment: Stiga Ebenholz (blade), Genesis Medium (rubber)
Biggest success: Winning Girls under 13 at the Swedish youth championships in 2017
Goal: To play a world championship and qualify for the Olympics
What do you think it takes to get there?: Hard training and many competitions against high level players. The right will and proper ambition, all while having fun playing.
What do you do on, a day-to-day basis, that other people don’t? How will this help you succeed?: I already practice 20 hours every week. I have the possibility to practice during school hours, one session in the morning and one in the afternoon. I practice focusing and thinking about the next point, trying not to waste time and energy on the points that have already been played.
How close to your goal do you think you will be in five years time?: 
I hope to play either a European or world championship. And perhaps most importantly, I hope I still enjoy playing.
Are there any other people involved who help you in planning for this?
In my club, I receive a lot of help from Mattias Andersson, Peter Andersson and Peter Sartz. My dad is also important when it comes to planning.
How will you follow the world championships 2018 in Halmstad?: I will go there to watch and study what the best players do, for example how they calm down in between points, their attitude and how they plan their game tactically.
Lastly, do you have an idol or role model in table tennis?: Internationally, Ding Ning is my idol and Li Fen is a good role model for me.

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February 26, 2018