Here you will find official documents and logos as well as high resolution images to download. We will continuously add more material such as images of the Swedish team and official bulletins.
Local media officer: Johan Larsson Jufvas, +46 730-49 35 01,
Press and media officer: Max Ansbro, Swedish Table Tennis Association.

LIEBHERR World Table Tennis Championships Media Accrediation is now open. Please apply at this link.
The deadline to submit your media accreditation is 27 March 2018.

Images can be downloaded used as for press and media purposes but the photographer must be credited at all times. Logos can be downloaded and used for press and media purposes but cannot be altered in any way.

Official logo:
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Swedish Table Tennis Association
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Municipality of Halmstad
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Destination Halmstad
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Organisational plan WTTC 2018

Sweden Women’s Team WTTC2018 Halmstad
Matilda Ekholm
Linda Bergström
Jennifer Jonsson
Filippa Bergand

Sweden Men’s Team WTTC2018 Halmstad
Kristian Karlsson
Mattias Karlsson
Anton Källberg
Jon Persson
Truls Möregårdh

Swedish National Team other
Mattias Karlsson01 (Photo: © Manfred Schillings)
Mattias Karlsson02 (Photo: © Manfred Schillings)
Anton Källberg01 (Photo: © Rémy Gros/ITTF)
Anton Källberg02 (Photo: © Rémy Gros/ITTF)
Kristian Karlsson01 (Photo: © Manfred Schillings)
Kristian Karlsson02 (Photo: © Manfred Schillings)
Matilda Ekholm01 (Photo: © Manfred Schillings)
Matilda Ekholm02 (Photo: © Manfred Schillings)
Linda Bergström01 (Photo: © Manfred Schillings)
Linda Bergström02 (Photo: © Manfred Schillings)

Halmstad (Photo: © Patrik Leonardsson)
Halmstad (Photo: © Patrik Leonardsson)
Halmstad (Photo: © Daniel Modig)
Halmstad Arena 01 (Photo: © Anders Andersson)
Halmstad Arena 02 (Photo: © Anders Andersson)
Halmstad Arena 03 (Photo: © Martina Thalwitzer)