Halmstad Arena – the centerpiece
The centerpiece in the 2018 event will be the Halmstad Arena – a multipurpose complex that will stage the entire event in three closely connected competition halls, all under the same roof, providing an almost unique style of spectator experience. The Halmstad Arena, located two kilometers from the city center of Halmstad, opened its doors in 2009 and is today the home for various sports and conferences as well as for major events held in the city.
The main hall can be optimised for the championships division – plus the team finals with three centre courts and roughly 3000 spectators capacity.
The second hall, previously used for the 1998 European Top 12 event, offers 3500 seats and a combination of centre courts for the top division and regular competition courts. The third hall will carry the load for the lower divisions with capacity for approximately 500 spectators.

Halmstad Arena is truly a multisport-arena with great flexibility for arrangements in all different sizes. In the arena you will find everything from regular sports halls and to ice-skating arenas and various swimming facilities. Outside the arena, a football field, an athletics arena and a skatepark are all closely located. The ”Kombihallen”, a combined indoor arena for football and athletics, is also situated in the vicinity.

Halmstad Arena consists of:
– Four full-sized regular sports halls
– Five smaller profiled halls
– Ice-skating arena with two rinks and one smaller
– Adventure bathing and swimming facilities
– Eleven full-sized football fields with natural grass, one with platform for spectators
– Two full-sides football fields with artificial grass
– Six mid-sized football fields with natural grass
– Two small-sized football fields with natural grass
– Athletics arena
– Indoor-arena for athletics and football
– Skatepark

The arena also holds association offices, 15 meeting-rooms, two gyms by Actic Gym, a sport historical museum, a restaurant, coffeeshops and kiosks. Along the front of the building, a 220 meter long and 8 meter wide piazza, connects the whole arena. This area will contain the exhibition-area during the championships.

Visiting address: Växjövägen 11, 30244 Halmstad
GPS-coordinates: 56.674556, 12.888305700000046

Photo: © Anders Andersson